Adjo and PVLM have united to form a DJ duo transcending the confines of traditional genres and heralding a new era of musical exploration. With their deep-seated cultural influences: Adjo infuses her music with Highlife, UK Garage, Jungle, and a vibrant assortment of Pan-African Music, House, and undiscovered Soundcloud gems, while PVLM, a virtuoso with Congolese heritage, weaves the essence of Afrohouse, Batida, Baile Funk, Afrotech, RnB, UKG, Futurebeats, 90s Hip Hop, and Afrobeat into his compositions.

Their collaboration signifies more than a mere partnership between two musical minds; it represents a sacred convergence of two souls, united by a relentless passion for music and a deep appreciation for the transformative power of sound. As esteemed members of the „Global South Sound“ collective, their goal is to forge spaces for Afrocentric music from the international African diaspora, weaving a rich mosaic of sounds that not only entertain but also enlighten their audience about the vast heritage of Afrocentric rhythms.

Adjo and PVLM stand as a formidable duo, a testament to the unifying, inspiring, and uplifting power of music. Their performances are a celebration of the smooth, eclectic sound that defines their artistry and love for music. Through their fluid blending of genres, they invite their audience into a realm where music transcends boundaries, a world where every beat, rhythm, and melody narrates a story of unity, love, and the resilient spirit of the global music community.