DJ • Musician • Producer

Berlin-based producer Ayzon blends his original creations with the eclectic sounds that inspire him throughout his sets. Growing up in a richly musical environment filled with diverse and vibrant sounds, Ayzon has honed their musical language by fusing a wide range of influences that shape their artistic identity.

Inspired significantly by his father, an Angolan DJ and his older brother, Ayzon was immersed early in life in music styles like Kizomba, Kuduro, R&B and Hip Hop. As a producer, he has crafted a sonic palette that interweaves warm chords, energetic drum patterns, and often Afro-inspired sound aesthetics drawn from dynamic musical movements such as Amapiano and Afrobeats. The result is a collection of danceable grooves that bear clear traces of contemporary R&B and Hip-Hop.

Ayzon’s first steps in the music scene came through a series of remixes and edits on Soundcloud. Followed by their 2020 debut EP release „Invisible Man,“ which was launched through the Berlin-based tastemaker label, Jakarta Records.

Not confined to the studio, Ayzon is also a driving force behind the collective and event series known as Bodega Bass. This vibrant series regularly finds its home in Berlin and Nuremberg and made a memorable appearance at the 2022 Splash Festival. Notably, Ayzon works as the live DJ for the acclaimed rapper, singer and musician JuJu Rogers.

At present, Ayzon is hard at work on their second EP, a collaborative effort featuring multiple national and international vocal artists.


by Noah Ismail