Agadir-born and hamburg-raised, douniah engages in the practice of interpreting her spirit impressively in German, Darija, and English.
In her latest work and debut EP „A Lot, Not Too Much,“ she threads together the tenets of free-form poetry and romanticism, backdrop by neo-experimental jazz tendencies. Douniah’s voice is one to fall into; her message is enunciated with every word, delivered delicately with an inventory of riffs and ranged tone. The utilization of choppy, note-like, freestyles bridges her sound into a rhapsodic whole.
Douniah’s audience knows her well. The Berlin-based vocalist and writer has developed a reputation in the scene for sublime live performances since releasing the collaborative album ‘Dream Baby’ with Highjohn in 2019. She has notably supported Children of Zeus and Sudan Archives across the German leg of their European and world tours, respectively, and most recently enchantingly set the stage for Rochelle Jordan and Nourished by Time.

Her distinct yet genre-fluid expression is well-honed, with the ability to execute various roles in the creative process with a number of collaborators – notably her omnipresence on the electronic Lost Papers EP with Yoofee, single „Space for the kidd“ from Move78’s album ‘Grains’. The interdisciplinary songstress warmly credits her sonic inspirations from hubs such as the pioneering Black communities across America, all the way to North Africa – where Gnaoua and Raï music gave something tangible to a young douniah listening to her mother’s collection. After her well-received debut EP „A Lot, Not Too Much“ that came out in November 2023, the songstress is working on her next projects and collaborations, exploring to include her unique live sound onto the next record.


Photo by Elena Cremona