Photographer • Visual Artist

GG PINATA, a photographer and integral part of the Heavy Feelings creative family, has been passionately capturing concerts on film for years during his free time. His photography style is characterized by a very raw and energetic perspective, with a keen eye for capturing expressive and memorable moments highlighting individuals such as artists and people from the crowd.

Like a voyeur at times, he embarks on journeys with his favorite film cameras, such as the Konica Big Mini, Leica Mini, and Yashica T4, to create analog images of events. GG`s photos provoke people to see and capture their most honest state in an uncomfortable manner. Moments that last only a second are captured so precisely that one remembers the energy for days afterward.

His aesthetic vision has become a huge part of the HF visual experience. He drives Heavy Feelings and acts as an aesthetic engine! Big UP.


by Mina Amiri