Photographer • Visual Artist

Meet Makayabundo, photographer and cultural activist, who has gained renown in the subculture for his captivating snapshots using Polaroids. Currently based in Berlin, he seamlessly combines his social endeavors with his creative pursuits. His Polaroids serve as testaments to the music, subculture, underground and black culture, paying tribute to its people. Each of his Polaroids is an original and unique piece that endures, leaving behind a mark of its time.

Makayabundo’s dedication to his art is unwavering, and he actively seeks synergies through collaborations and partnerships. Not content with just being an artist, he takes it upon himself to organize group exhibitions and has initiated his project called MAKAYABUNDO SOCIAL CLUB. This endeavor reflects his commitment to creating a platform for like-minded individuals to come together and foster creative expression.

With his dedication and collaborations, he fosters a sense of community in the art world, making him an invaluable asset to the Heavy Feelings creative Family. He truly has our back!