A young and talented photographer and videographer who is making an impact on Heavy Feelings‘ documentation of events. Mina’s work adds an essential touch of creativity and emotion to their projects, capturing the essence of each moment through her dynamic approach to both moving images and classic photography.

Her images possess a poetic quality that etches the emotions and atmosphere of the scenes into the minds of those who behold them. Whether it’s the play of light and shadows or the raw emotions of the subjects, Mina’s photographs evoke a powerful response, leaving a lingering mood that resonates with the audience.

As a young artist, Mina Amiri is just beginning to explore the art world, and her journey has led her to become an integral part of Heavy Feelings‘ creative crew. Her ability to multitask between capturing moving images and creating captivating photographs showcases her versatility and dedication to her craft.


Photo by GG PINATA