DJ • Musician • Producer

NADIM! Cologne-based producer and DJ who possesses a wealth of experience with vinyl and music, surpassing that of many others in his young years. With a profound appreciation for the raw and unfiltered essence of music, NADIM has been crafting his own beats and captivating audiences behind the turntables like a seasoned OldSchool sage.

His musical repertoire is a mesmerizing fusion of Funk, Brazil, and Jazz, seamlessly blended together with a distinctive Nadim Note that sets his sound apart from the crowd. Unafraid to explore diverse genres and effortlessly transitioning between them, NADIM’s performances are a testament to his boundless creativity and skill.

As a true Musiclover, NADIM’s passion for his craft shines through every track and mix, elevating his work to a level of authenticity. His journey as a music producer and DJ has been nothing short of remarkable, culminating in the highly anticipated release of his debut solo album, „Lost & Found.“