journalist • writer

Özben Önal is an accomplished journalist and writer, known for her keen observational skills and deep understanding of diverse life realities. Her extensive experience in editorial roles enables her to meticulously craft stories that range from socio-political and socio-cultural narratives to deeply personal tales of relationships and experiences.

Özben’s journalistic background ensures her stories are meticulously researched and articulated with precision. Her dedication to understanding the multifaceted aspects of human experience enhances the authenticity and depth of her writing. She has a unique ability to align her work with the vision of Heavy Feelings, capturing the essence of our mission to explore and highlight the cultural and creative landscapes that shape our community.
As a member of the Heavy Feelings team, Özben’s professional diligence and insightful storytelling contribute significantly to our shared vision. Özben combines professional diligence with a human-centered approach, offering narratives that resonate on both intellectual and emotional levels. Her exceptional talent for understanding and conveying the intricate connections between music, culture, personal story and community makes her an invaluable asset to our team.

Photo by Smiki