DJ • Musician

Drawing from the musical and cultural richness of the Black Atlantic, SENU is continuously falling in love with old and new sounds from Africa, the Americas and from urban spaces of multiple diasporas. Being embedded in Berlin’s diversity of genres, influences and expressions, SENU and her eclectic sets are always evolving – no set is the same but heavy basslines and polyrhythmic arrangements are spinning the threads between Afro Beats, Baile Funk, UK Funky, Gquom, Rap and whatever enriches her eclectic sound. SENU is one of the founding members of SLIC Unit, a DJ collective which was formed in 2020 in order to practice collective joy and radical solidarity within the music industry.

She hosts a monthly radio show at Berlins community radio THF called, DRAFT Radio. With the show she is trying to create opportunities for FLINTA* DJs and selectors, in order to share the community space and make the radio experience more accessible to fellow music enthusiasts.