Introducing SMIKI, an up-and-coming producer and soon-to-be DJ based from Cologne. His musical journey is a dynamic one, stretching from atmospheric Lo-fi to electronic and more groove-driven beats. Rooted in the realms of RnB and Hip Hop, Smiki stays true to his artistic direction, but his recent work showcases an exciting evolution, drawing inspiration from the likes of UK Garage, Jungle, and Breakbeat.

He’s recently made waves as a guest at Heavy Feelings (Open Call Audition), where he delivered a short but impactful set that had the crowd on their feet, dancing to his self-produced tracks. It’s hard to believe that this talented artist not only creates his music but also flawlessly brings it to life in a live setting. We’re happy to welcome Smiki also as a part of the Team and as a HF Family Member.

Photo by GG PINATA