SUPERJAZZCLUB – a multitalented Collective from Accra/Ghana with BiQo, Øbed, Seyyoh, Tano Jackson, Joey Turks & Ansah Live! The collective’s beauty is found in its diverse talents, with a blend of producers, filmmakers, vocalists, multi-instrumentalists, and rappers, enabling a genuine fusion of resources.

SuperJazzClub was founded in 2018 in Accra by friends who wanted to express themselves creatively and share ideas. With multiple creative interests, the collective attempted to leverage their unique experiences to create a unit that was coherent in thought yet eclectic in style. In September 2020, the group released their debut EP. SuperJazzClub has kept releasing a stream of well-liked tracks, actively expanding their burgeoning repertoire. The collective is dedicated to encouraging people to “create without limitations” since it is driven by its own curiosity and determination to create anything it believes in.

We´re happy to host SuperJazzClub on our first Radioshow Episode on Refuge Worldwide and looking forward to more collaborative work with them in the future.


Photo by PadWest