05.08.2023 Berlin • Bar • Outdoor

Berlin, you’ve got us going, „oouuuuh!“ Heavy Feelings took us on a wild ride in the heart of this city. We had no clue what was in store, and boy, was it something extraordinary! Picture this: an intimate venue where the sheer diversity of music was celebrated like never before.

JAXX TMS and PARISSA, holding it down on the Warm-Up Decks, infused the air with those undeniable London vibes. It was like the spirit of London had hitched a ride to Berlin!

PACHAKUTI GROOVE SET took us on a cosmic journey, where jazz, beats, and danceable rhythms collided in the most mind-bending way. Talk about a backyard session reaching its apex! With Leon Raum on the drums and Marius Max on Sax.

But hold on tight, because DIPSY MANIZAO and CARELESS were up next, hitting us with sets so baddgeladen (yeah, that’s a word now) that we completely lost control in the most exhilarating way possible. INNER G, it was an experience for the ages. Major shouts to all the incredible souls who were in the mix. Y’all brought the heat, and we felt it deep.

Guess what? We ain’t done yet. We’re already plotting our triumphant return, so brace yourselves for another round of Heavy Feelings magic. Stay tuned, keep groovin‘, and remember, Berlin, you’ve etched a funky mark on our hearts. Until next time, keep the vibes alive! 🎶🔥