03.02.2024 King Georg / Cologne

Asher Gamedze (Cape Town, SA), drummer, composer, and bandleader whose musical journey is deeply rooted in the African culture and history. Born in Bristol in 1989, Gamedze’s life journey took him from the United Kingdom to Johannesburg and later to Cape Town. A self-taught musician, Gamedze has garnered recognition for his skillful drumming and his ability to blend a variety of musical traditions from Southern Africa with free improvisation, jazz, and a radical commitment to social and political issues.
Gamedze’s perspective on music as a form of historical documentation and expression is particularly compelling. He sees musicians as historians, using their art to capture, document, and communicate the emotions, concerns, and realities of their times. This view elevates music to a critical tool for preserving memory and narrating history through sound.
The concept of „the collective“ that Gamedze frequently references speaks to the communal nature of music and its role in fostering unity, resistance, and change. Whether it’s through organizing for radical change, offering distraction, or embodying resistance and militancy, Gamedze emphasizes the power of collective effort and collaboration in creating meaningful impact.

»Black music is never a blank slate.« (Asher Gamedze)


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