HEAVY FEELINGS Vinyl Archive Sampling Residency w/ PERSIAN EMPIRE

08.02.2024 MARKK HAMBURG

Heavy Feelings invites Beat Producer & Recording Artist Persian Empire to a 4-day residency of Digging, Sampling & Producing at the Vinylarchive of MARKK Hamburg. During this residency Persian Empire will explore the MARKK’s vinyl collection, extracting samples and crafting new sound collages from them. The act of sampling serves not only as an educational tool but also as a means for artists to draw inspiration from one another. It is a form of artistic expression, breathing new life into music by repurposing existing sounds, rooted in the HipHop Culture and continued to contemporary beat-making.

On February 8th, as part of the Heavy Feelings initiative, a public showcase will take place at MARKK. Persian Empire will unveil the processed material, offering a glimpse into the creative process behind the newly formed soundscapes. We invite you to attend this unique musical experience, witnessing the transformation of sampled material into an auditory journey. This event is hosted by Heavy Feelings, moderated by HF founder Parissa Charghi & presented by Carhartt.


02/08/24 – 7:30pm
MARKK / Rothenbaumchaussee 64 / 20148 Hamburg
Museum am Rothenbaum (MARKK) in Hamburg has a remarkable vinyl archive, which was transferred to the „Zwischenraum“ – an experimental exhibition and event venue of the MARKK – in 2023.

09/02/24 – 9:00pm
RIAA Bar Hamburg
Listening Session / Get Together