17.06.2023 Köln / King Georg • Bar • Club

This event proved to be a mesmerizing celebration dedicated to beats and beatmakers, leaving the audience awe-inspired and exhilarated. With an eclectic lineup that boasted an improvisational live set by Persian Empire and a fusion performance from Rotterdam’s very own DJ Mogyah`Leven, this night was destined for greatness.

Persian Empire took the stage, and the energy in the room surged. With skillful precision, they weaved intricate beats and hypnotic beats, igniting massive energy and movement among the crowd. The improvised live set felt like a masterful conversation between the artist and the audience, forging an unbreakable connection that resonated throughout the venue.

DJ Mogyah`Leven proved himself to be a true fusion maestro. Seamlessly blending disparate genres, he crafted a mesmerizing tapestry of sound that transcended traditional boundaries. Hip-hop beats intertwined with electronic, while rhythms added a global flair to the mix.

Unexpected happenings: the room temperature soared to 40 degrees, Ghosty made an impromptu appearance, a live trumpet playing during the DJ set, and sweat poured profusely!

40 Dergrees in the room and a lot of sweat!