HEAVY FEELINGS is a dynamic brand for emerging and exceptional talents in the music scene and focusses on events, media productions and cultural interactions. We provide artists with a platform and actively promote a supportive environment and collaboration to foster the growth of creative individuals in the music and cultural scene.

HEAVY FEELINGS itself acts as a Creative Hub & Catalyst. It serves as a space for creativity and exchange, where individuals from various backgrounds and disciplines come together and explore alternative and diverse aspects of the music scene far from mainstream and industry. Our platform has built a diverse community and created a broad repertoire of artists with different backgrounds and genres. Our creative & collectively work merge into a multifaceted network of crossgenre niche artists.

We curate a diverse array of artists from the mediums of music and visual art as a way to encourage and enable inspiring cultural crossover and unconventional forms of expression that provide an authentic experience for our fellows.

We believe that creativity thrives when individuals are given the space to explore and experiment. We believe that art should be thought-provoking and transformative.


»Creating fluid is state of the Art.«

Parissa Charghi