DJ • Musician • Producer

Dipsy Manizao – an aspiring DJ and Producer – will make new waves with his blending sound that effortlessly blends a myriad of genres. Hailing from Belgium, Dipsy draws inspiration from his musical upbringing, surrounded by the enchanting melodies of gospel music and the nostalgic tunes of the
’90s. These formative influences have left an indelible mark on his artistic journey, shaping his sound into a mesmerizing fusion of soulful, laid-back Angolan fusion reminiscent of iconic artists such as Sade or Bob Marley.

Dipsy’s musical productions exude a distinct character that transcends traditional
boundaries. His beats are reminiscent of the captivating dubbed remixes and riddims
originating from the vibrant reggae culture, while simultaneously incorporating the infectious
energy of future bass music.



Photo by Agatha Powa